For Industrial Imaging

The F/0.95 High-Speed, Low-Light lenses are a line of robustly-designed Industrial lenses that are often used for Microscopy, Motion Analysis, Transportation inspection, Measurement Systems, and more.

  • f/0.95-16¬†Apertures
  • 17mm, 25mm & 50mm
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • (100lp/mm)
  • Iris locking screws
  • Robust, industrial design

  Part Number Lens Format Focal Length (mm) Iris Range MOD (mm)
GMY31795MCN 2/3" 17mm f/0.95-16 420
GMY42595MCN 1" 25mm f/0.95-16 450
GMY45095MCN 1" 50mm f/0.95-16 600