Focal Lengths include: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 8.25mm, 12mm, 12.3mm, 16mm, 16.2mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm

GOYO’s GMTHR Series combines exceptional image quality with best in class pricing. This series was designed for use with sensors with pixel sizes as small as 4.5µm, such as the IMX421 and IMX422. It offers a wide range of focal lengths, with high throughput apertures, exceptional close focus performance, and excellent lens resolution making it an excellent and cost-effective choice for machine vision and factory automation applications.


  Part Number Lens Format Focal Length (mm) Iris Range MOD (mm)
GMTHR23514MCN 1/2" 3.5mm f/1.4-16 200
GMTHR24514MCN 1/2" 4.5mm f/1.4-16 200
GMTHR36014MCN 2/3" 6mm f/1.4-16 100
GMTHR38014MCN 2/3" 8.25mm f/1.44-16 (Click-Stop) 100
GMTHR31214MCN 2/3" 12.3mm f/1.45-16 (Click-Stop) 100
GMTHR31614MCN 2/3" 16.2mm f/1.45-16 (Click-Stop) 100
GMTHR32514MCN-1 2/3" 25mm f/1.4-16 (Click-Stop) 250
GMTHR33520MCN-1 2/3" 35mm f/2.0-22 (Click-Stop) 250
GMTHR35028MCN-1 2/3" 50mm f/2.8-22 500
GMTHR46018MCN 1" 6mm f/1.8-22 100
GMTHR48014MCN 1" 8mm f/1.4-16 100
GMTHR412514MCN 1" 12mm f/1.4-16 100
GMTHR41614MCN 1" 16mm f/1.4-22 300
GMTHR42514MCN 1" 25mm f/1.4-22 300
GMTHR43514MCN 1" 35mm f/1.4-22 300
GMTHR45014MCN 1" 50mm f/1.4-16 500